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Almost all of Jody's YouTube videos from 2011 on a 3-Disc DVD Set. Just like my other DVD sets, this one has a year's worth of work on it. Here's what you get:

 Disc 1
TIG Razor Blades Nickel Alloys
TIG Stick Test 1 Aluminum Metals
TIG Stick Test 2 Properties of Stainless Steels
Steel Lap Butt Making a Better Ground Clamp
Stainless Steel Purging How to MIG
Carbon and Low Alloy MIG Welding Overhead
Brazing Copper to Steel MIG Stickout and Ground
Stick Welding Project Welding Magnesium
Thread Repair
Disc 2
Walking the Cup Stainless Steel Exhaust Repair
DIY Third Hand Stronghand BuildPro Table 1
DIY Slide Hammer Puller Stronghand Buildpro Table 2
TIG Tips for 4140 Steel Stronghand Buildpro Table 3
Stick Welding Test 1 Stronghand Buildpro - TIG Steel
Stick Welding Test 2 Aluminum Welding Drill
MIG vs. Stick Technique 3G MIG Test
Miller Diversion and Everlast PowerTIG 4G Overhead MIG Test
Disc 3
DIY Portable Bandsaw Stand MIG Welding Technique and Gases
TIG - Corner and Lap Joints TIG Aluminum: #7 Gas Lens Cup
Hobart IronMan 230 with Spool Gun Aluminum Welding: BuildPro Table
When Stick is Better MIG Aluminum: IronMan 230 Spool Gun
MIG Aluminum: Hobart IronMan 230 TIG Welding Stainless: Pulse Tips
TIG Tips for 3G Test

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