Stubby TIG Tools Bundle (for 17 & 26 style torches)

*Note: Square Scaled in Inches (Imperial)

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$ 152.99

Jody, here.

I've put together a bundle for all you TIG welders out there who are looking to add ridiculously useful tools to your toolbox for a killer price.

Here's what's included:

  • CK Stubby Gas Lens Kit (+Bonus DVD)
  • The LaSquare™ LAS-12S from LaGesse Products (featured in Popular Mechanics!)
  • 2 Tig Finger™ Heat-Shields

All starting at $152.99.

Maybe you remember a video I did a while back where I pulled out a heavy-duty stainless combination square and used it for a project I was working on - "Fabricating a Belt Guard (Part 1)" was the name of the video. (You can watch it below.)

Well, that was the LaSquare™.

A lot of folks have asked me about it since I did the video (I use it in a few other videos, also), so I thought it was about time that I started carrying this awesome tool. Now you can get one right here.

And as for the CK Stubby Gas Lens Kit, I've finally gotten to the point that I can keep them in stock! It really is easy to see why it's so popular - you can quickly and easily reduce the size of your #17 and #26 TIG torch! Plus, it comes with a Bonus DVD that's instructive on using your CK Kit.

With the TIG Tools Bundle, you can get both.

I think this bundle is a slam-dunk.


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