Fupa Finger Bundle

$ 73.99

*Important: Fupa 12 Kit is made for #9 and #20 style torches, using a 3/32" (2.4mm) electrode, AND SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH AC (175 AMP MAX!). If you have a #17 or #26 Style torch, you'll need the Fupa Adapter Kit. Click here to check that out.

The FUPA#12 is one of the most economic specialty TIG cups there is. 

The inside diameter is 3/4” (19mm), but the unique diffuser design provides better coverage than most other cups I have used with the same diameter.

This cup uses only 12-30CFH of argon and most jobs go well with around 20cfh… that's about the same gas flow needed for a #8 cup. 

When you need great gas shielding or a really long stickout or both,the Fupa 12 fits the bill.

And you know what goes great with a Fupa 12 cup?  A tig finger.

With this bundle you'll get that Tig Finger for a hefty discount.

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