#5 Aluminum Pro Kit - #17, 18, 26

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Important: This kit is meant for #17, #18, #26 style TIG torches. If you have a #9 or #20 style torch, click here instead.

Ever wonder why so many really good TIG welders use a #5 cup with standard collet body on aluminum?

There is a reason.  In fact there are several reasons.

Not only can you save some argon, but a #5 cup can limit the etching zone and actually get better penetration than a larger cup using the same amperage. (I  have proved this out with many tests.)

My good friend Roy Crumrine (@crummywelding on instagram) uses a standard #5 all the time on a #20 style water cooled torch.

But what if you don't have a water cooled torch?

That is exactly why I put this kit together for you. Not only does it shrink the size of your #17, #18, or 26 style torch, but it lets you use the small #5 cup that so many pro welders like.

An easy way to know what gas flow to use with most cups is to multiply the cup number by 2 to 3. I find that 2.5 works most of the time.

So with a #5 cup, the range is 10-15 with 12.5 being the sweet spot.
Over time, the gas savings adds up.

I have used this kit with several different torches including some torches that came with the AHP alpha tig 200, Everlast 200dx, Lincoln tig 200, and a whole bunch of air cooled CK tig torches.

It comes with a #5 cup, 3/32” collet body, 3/32” collet, 2 different style heat Shield insulators to make sure it fits all torches, and a short button end cap to help you get into tight areas.

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