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Jody, here.

I'm proud to offer you one of the most useful little tools I've found - the MagTab™ from StrongHand tools. I've used mine in several of my YouTube videos.

These little guys are great for holding tabs in place for tack welds (hence the name), but they've got a million other uses that would take too long to list here.

In StrongHand's own words:

  • Hold tabs, or any small metal pieces, parallel or perpendicular to the substructure.
  • The Adjustable Magnetic V-shape base adjusts for different shapes: round, flat, angle metal surfaces.

Think about it like this...

Normally, when you tack a tab in place, you're going to have your gloves on and you're going to hold the tab in place while you hit it with a quick tack.

What can go wrong? right?

  • Your hand can shift while flip down your hood causing cursing and rework
  • ever shot an arc right thru your finger?  aint that awesome?
  • trying to eyeball a bunch of tabs in line aint easy....can cause the fido's butt effect

You may not think of it at first as that big a timesaver, but as soon as you use one of these and see how quick and easy it can make your work, you'll understand.

Bottom Line - you'll find ways to hold pieces in place that would have been really tough to do otherwise. It's like having another hand.

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